Optimize your processes with interactive Virtual Reality scenarios in lean trainings and workshops

derioXR - Decentralized Environments for Rapid Innovation and Optimization

What does derioXR stand for?

derioXR revolutionizes the optimization of business processes. Lean administration and lean productions concepts provide approaches to handle optimization processes.


But how can you optimize the processes online in an application-oriented way?


With interactive virtual reality-based scenarios, derioXR offers distributed teams in and across company boundaries the opportunity to optimize collaborative business processes in lean administration and lean production training. The target group of derioXR are manufacturing companies that want to continuously improve their processes.

VR Headset

derioXR Software

Our software solution is a configurator for virtual reality-based scenarios, which enables distributed teams worldwide to optimize processes together efficiently and effectively.

With the help of the configurator, derioXR designs suitable VR-based scenarios for your company, which coaches and lean managers can use in their training and workshops to work together in a practice-oriented manner.

In addition, various functions are included that enable the coach or lean managers to lead the sessions. Novelty levels are realized by linking innovative technologies. The focus is on the integration of methods of artificial intelligence (AI).



Collaboration in the virtual space leads to a reduction in travel time, travel costs and employee stress.
To optimize processes in office and production environments, the required employees have to meet physically to analyze the process and determine measures.
derioXR offers the opportunity to bring the required employees together from anywhere in the world and to carry out the optimization regardless of location.


Optimization potentials

Is aware of where you save money and Can increase capacities and your work efficiency?

Total costs in billion euros for business trips in German companies from 2004 to 2017


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